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The Gorilla Foundation
Home to the world famous Koko, the talking western lowland gorilla that knows over 1000 words in American sign language, including those she invented when her training did not provide a vocabulary for an object or action. Truly an incredible endeavor.

The Great Alliance Ape Alliance
The Great Alliance Ape Alliance

The Biosynergy Institute/Bushmeat site
Dr. Anthony Rose, a famous conservationist and gorilla scientist works in the field with orphaned gorillas and local africans. This website is instrumental in educating the public about the slaughter of innocent gorillas and chimpanzees in the African rainforest by renegade poachers. Warning: Some images are graphic.

Great Ape Conservation Awareness Website

Run by Trent Heinz out of Winnipeg, Canada and Dr. Kerry Bowman of Toronto. I have met and corresponded with both Trent and Dr. Bowman and they are serious about saving gorillas.

The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International

This organization works to conserve the rarest of all gorillas-the mountain gorilla. A movie was made out of Dian Fossey's book "Gorillas in the Mist" following her mysterious murder in 1986. Recently, a suspect has been apprehended and charged with her murder

Gorilla Haven

Run by Jane and Steuart Dewar, this website shows the progress of a gorilla sanctuary being built in Georgia. It looks like its going to be a cool place for gorillas, but you won't be able to visit them. love that.

Gorilla Cam

This is one of the better online controllable cams to observe gorillas in captivity. These guys are at the Franklin Zoo in Boston. I'm going to see them in November. When clicking on the link, sometimes LiveWave sets the Penguin cam as a default. Just press "Gorilla" to call up the correct cam.

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