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Chris Duffy is just a plain old funny guy. And it's not just his nickname, "Duff," since each of his four older siblings was also known as "Duff," and they were just funny looking. Chris "The Funny Duff" Duffy has been funny since he was seven, when his impersonations of Johnny Carson, Malcom X, and Mr. Salerno, the Science teacher used to crack up his fellow seventh graders and land him in detention.

But then Duff forgot he was funny and went on to do grown up things: like going to college for a year at Ithaca College in upstate New York before moving back to Boston. After graduating Boston University with a Bachelor of Science in Broadcasting and Film, he got a job at Fox Sports New England, then known as SportsChannel. For years he did strange and mysterious technical things for the company's Operations. In 1990, Chris loaded up his Jeep Wrangler with porno mags and cigarettes and drove cross country all the way from Boston to San Francisco. Only pee breaks and AM/PM markets slowed him. "I love the Fish Jerky at AM/PM", Chris gushes. He was asked on to head up the program department at Fox Sports Bay Area where his responsibilities included pre-empting English League Soccer and pissing off innumerable European expatriates.

In April of 2000, Chris became a project manager for CART.com, a division of Quokka.com, a digital sports entertainment company. Chris got to the dot.com party just as the alcohol and chex-mix were running out. In February of 2001, he was layed off with 200 other digitally displaced co-workers. By May, Quokka had terminated business for good. By July, they had auctioned off their chairs and computers in a sidewalk auction. Nice. Late in 2002, Chris got a call from ESPN and accepted a position as a broadcast manager in the remote production department. He excels at counting

As for Chris's comedy interests: One day in 1997, Chris remembered he was funny, and started taking improvisational comedy classes at the Center for Performance Studies in San Francisco. Under the direction of Chris Miller, he performed with the comedy troupe "Treated and Released." In 1998, Chris began studying with stand-up comedy coach Judy "Ya know what BUGS me?" Carter and hit the stand-up circuit with a big-headed boom. After successful shows at San Francisco's Punchline, Cobb's Comedy Club, The Luggage Store, and the Marsh, Chris went on to play Dick Doherty's Comedy Vault in Boston, New George's in San Rafael, Mambo Mambo in Oakland and other huge venues.

Chris banded with other local comics to put on a twice-monthly show at the Paradise Lounge, and produced over a hundred shows under the name Big Head Productions in association with comedy partner Gary Cannon. The showcase, called "A Fool's Paradise," includds top-name talent from San Francisco's Bay Area and up-and-coming performers from around the country.

Chris doesn't do much in the way of live stand-up anymore. He works nights at ESPN and has a young son. He'll continue to update this website with stupid stuff and photos. e-mail @ chris@chrisduffy.com