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Joe Bartnick
An all around good guy and funny stoner type comic, Joe's friendly humor skirts the edge.

Gary Cannon
Gary is a good friend and co-producer of the shows at the Paradise Lounge. Check out his web cam on his site, but I don't recommend signing up for the R-rated picks.

Lee Levine

Lee is another good friend of mine who hyena-larious. He is roomates with Gary, has two cats, and his headshot makes him look like a gay magician.

Jeff Kreisler

Kreissler, a fellow Masshole, is a politically bent comic who abandoned law for the socially uplifting and morally strong comedy circuit. He is producer of one the finer alternative comedy venues in the city-Comedy Rhythms, which is at the Tongue and Groove Nightclub once a month on Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco. For more info, check out his web site. Jim Short
One of the, if not the, funniest comics in San Francisco today. A regular favorite at Cobb's and Punchline, Jim's Austrailian accent and wacky outlook on life make him fun to watch and listen to. I've opened for Jim at Roosters and at the Paradise Lounge several times. His brother designed his kickass website. Check it out. David Spark
A funny San Francisco comic who worked for TechTV as a producer before he quit this spring. Ladies-he's a Virgo and loves kittens. FunnyJoke.net
Find tons of fresh funny jokes, blonde jokes, practical jokes, joke of the day and more such funny stuff at Funnyjoke.net. I think this is the website my mother gets her jokes from.
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