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August 20, 2002 4:15 ET

My Top Ten Most Memorable Sports Moments

SAN FRANCISCO --Baseball is inviting fans to vote on their most memorable baseball moment in history-A pretty tall order since sports is so tribal that Kirk Gibson's home run for the Dodgers isn't going to be as important to the the legion of Red Sox fans who wear out their vcrs watching homage tapes of Fisk's dinger against the Reds in '75. Still, it got me thinking. What are the most memorable moments to me? Could I remember where I was when I saw it? Let me know what yours are by signing my guestbook.

1. Carlton Fisk homerun in 1975 WS game 6

2. Bucky Dent's homerun off Torrez in 1978 one game playoff

3. Dave Henderson's homerun off Donnie Moore in 1986

4. Bill Buckner's error in 1986 World Series

5. Juan Montoya edges Michael Andretti at the Chicago mile in 2000

6. Bruce Jenner wins the gold decathalon in 1976

7. Patriots win the SuperBowl 2002

8. Buster Dougas KOs Mike Tyson

9. Team USA wins gold medal at 1980 Olympics in Lake Placid

10.Bird Steals the ball and dishes to Dennis Johnson in 1987 playoffs against Detroit